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Mike Edwards

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CEO @ Creative Labs.

Conconi Growth Partners

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Partnering with great companies

Brent Holliday

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CEO of Garibaldi Capital Advisors, Technology Investment Banking in Canada, former VC, Angel investor - Context Media (acq Twitter), Tasktop, Mobify, Staflo

Jonathan Bixby

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General Partner Stanley Park Ventures BOA for Highline.vc. Founded Ironpoint sold to Active Network (ACTV), founded Strangeloop sold to Radware (RDWR).

David Tedman

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Entrepreneur and angel investor. Co-founder @Hootsuite @Invoke @invokelabs @Foodee @Brightkit

Geoff Entress

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Venture Partner with Voyager, focusing broadly on information technology investments in the Pacific Northwest.

The Vanbex Group

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We work on Digital Currency, Blockchain Protocols, and Decentralized Technology