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Thomas Knapp

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Executive operator in product, business development, and customer success with twenty-four years of experience in SaaS, Enterprise Software, and Services.


Xiangyu Chen

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Working at Habla AI, Software. Experience with Apache Web Server, Amazon Web Services, Java, Python. Went to Sofia University, Huaqiao University

Jinbin Pang

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Jonatan Frank

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Backend Software Developer, Node.js, PHP, Python. Worked for companies like Habla.ai, Stensul, Electronic Arts,

Geanderson Lenz

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Data Engineering

Kelly Qian

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Worked at Vuclip Company, Velti Company. Experience with Apache Web Server, Apache Ant, Adobe. Went to University of Rochester, Zhejiang University

Gonzalo Márquez

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I am a Software Engineer with 6 years of professional experience as a developer. Interested in AWS, Full Stack JS, and Go Lang.

Roger Parks

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Berkeley EECS, Front End, Back End, Full Stack,worked for a Professor in Berkeley

Board members and advisors

Serial entrepreneur. Currently @Apperian. Previously @Apple .

Former team

Anthony Daga

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Josias Schneider

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Jean Carlos Mariños

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