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Senior Data Scientist for Medical AI Development

$130k – $180k • 0.25% – 1.5%
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At GYANT, we are building a conversational medical AI system from the ground up. We have no shortage of fascinating challenges in machine learning, data science and software engineering. To tackle them, we are assembling a team of experienced super-heroes who have already proven their ability to turn bleeding edge research and tech into practical applications.

We are looking for versatile and ingenious Software Engineers who are passionate about building great user experiences.

We have an intelligent and personable conversational AI agent. We live on Facebook Messenger (m.me/thegyant), Alexa, and our Gyant app (apps.apple.com/us/app/gyant-pocket-doctor/id1315062114). Our system is built on a modular and scalable microservice architecture (Kubernetes/AWS), using Node.js and Python, and relying on sophisticated ML and NLP technology that we have developed.

To date GYANT has helped over 2 million patients. We are working with leading healthcare systems such as Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Children's Hospital of LA. We are in the process of raising our Series A round.

We have a small, tightly knit, multi-cultural and cross-disciplinary team with lots of combined experience in entrepreneurship, medicine, machine learning and software engineering. We have a friendly and informal culture that honors transparency, responsibility and self-reliance. We organize periodic team outings, such as bowling or adventure games. We use an agile development process with daily stand-ups and close interaction between all members of the team.

To help develop our medical AI engine, we are looking for a high-energy applied scientist with a focus on reasoning and analysis. Our dream candidate is passionate for:
- machine learning applications with biomedical data,
- deep learning and other state-of-the-art machine learning techniques,
- information representation and reasoning in the context of medical diagnostics.

Required Experience:
- PhD (preferred) or MS in computer science, statistics, physics or mathematics
- A minimum of 3 years experience working on data science / machine learning projects outside of academia

- In-depth understanding of various machine learning algorithms (e.g. SVM, deep learning), and techniques (e.g. cross-validation, feature selection, etc)
- Expert knowledge of at least one common data science framework, e.g., Python pandas/scikit-learn (preferred), TensorFlow or similar
- Strong communication skills
- Ability to define and execute a clear plan for data exploration, experiments, and conclusions
- Ability to write production-level code in Python
- NLP experience a plus
- Knowledge of Node.JS a plus
- Enthusiasm, tenacity and desire to keep learning quickly

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Kirill Kireyev

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ML & NLP expert, CTO, entrepreneur focused on technology that empowers learning/connection/well-being, advisor, coach.
Pascal started, operated, shut down or sold multiple companies in consumer, healthcare and eCommerce.

Stefan Behrens

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Founder and CPO @GYANT • Founder @Natural Mojo, COO @Aeria Games, Manager @Booz & Company. PhD in MIS, MBA.

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