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Unique Countryside Trips by Locals

Unique Countryside Trips by Locals

An online peer-to-peer marketplace, where amateur Locals offer guided tours to the countryside from bigger cities with their own vehicle.

The problem is: Competitors have irrelevan,t pricy offers with professional guides, only inside bigger cities. Also similar platforms require more effort than someone would want to put in the process of getting this experiences. Our focus would be on affordable prices, a user friendly, effective search method and amateur Locals, who would want to make some extra money with driving.

We are Hungarians, living in Berlin and for us it’s obvious to start in Budapest and focus on German tourists. This summer we did a live marketing research in Budapest. The project was called “Hun​gary is not only Budapest!”. We got extr​​e​me​​ly good, 100% positive feedback.

The market is huge and it’s growing non-stop. The fact, that similar startups get founded continously and the rise of the sharing economy creates a competitive, but hopeful environment.

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