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401(k) for small business designed to create a retirement Americans can look forward to



Jason Sarelas

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George Kujiraoka

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Worked at Guideline

George Kujiraoka

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Worked at Guideline

Rodrigo Contegni

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Staff Application Engineer @Guideline, Information systems engineer, full-stack dev with 15+ years of experience creating high performing, scalable solutions

Richard Lane

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Senior Account Executive at Guideline, educating & selling 401(k) plans to growing companies. Passionate about education, politics, health care, music & sports.

John Gallo

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Working at Guideline 401(k). Experience in Product Marketing and Sales

Ben Rounds

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Data-driven problem solver. Product @Guideline Previously @Palantir Technologies & @BlackRock Math & Econ @Berkeley, Data Science @General Assembly

Annie Vleck

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Jack-of-all-trades, big on execution. I create strategy; oversee marketing campaigns; develop partnerships with stakeholders; analyze data; and execute events.

Sam Nguyen

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I am tech recruiter, career matchmaker, passionate about helping candidates find their dream job and employers find top talent.

Stephen Wenzler

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Onboarding Specialist @ Guideline

Tina Nguyen

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Katie Goldberg

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Matt Chalwell

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Thomas Buley

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Board members and advisors

Aydin Senkut

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Founder & MD of @Felicis Ventures. 1st PM @Google. Investor in @Rovio, @Shopify, @Inkling, @Practice Fusion, @ClearSlide Investing in iconic companies since '06

Chris Lu

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Former team

Rosanna Leroe-Muñoz

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Erin Girard

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