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GuardRails embeds security feedback into the workflow of development teams

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We are a team of security experts and developers that have worked with a wide range of development teams. We have seen the pain that security tools cause teams. Their first option are open source tools that need a lot of attention and tuning. The other option are enterprise tools that have the same issues, but at a higher price. Our mission is to empower development teams around the world to move fast and stay safe. GuardRails was started to achieve this mission. As a team, we have done DevSecOps for well known international companies. In the process, we have codified our knowledge and experience into GuardRails. We believe that security should be a part of every software project. To achieve that, we focus on the developer experience, ease of use and quality of results.
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Senior Full Stack Engineer (Node.js)

GuardRails provides continuous security feedback that empowers developers to find, fix, and prevent vulnerabilities and enables teams to create web and mobile applications securely, without needing external expertise.

As GuardRails and our core product continues to grow, we are building...