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Collaboration and Productivity Tools for Small Retailers

React JS | React Native | Full Stack Developer

₹7L – ₹12L • No equity
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You will conceptualize, build, test, deploy and launch GSynergy’s SaaS products. You will bring strong dev and test skills, especially in using React to build mobile and web apps. We use React Native, React, Typescript, Google Firestore, Google Firebase, Appcenter, Twilio, etc., and interface with web-services for payments, social authentication, location services, etc. to put together multi-tenant, highly-scalable, realtime, collaborative, offline-first mobile and web applications.

We care intensely about quality and usability. We practice test-driven-development, and measure the success of our creations in terms or users' love for the software we develop.

Required Technical Skills

You must have a solid foundation in javascript and/or typescript. You must have paid, full-time, professional experience of at least 1.5 years in developing and testing commercial mobile and/or web apps using React.

You don't have to have all the skills listed below, but if you end up joining us, you will learn and hone all of the below and more. The more you know as you move down this list, the more value you will be able to provide on day one.

  1. JavaScript
  2. React.js
  3. React Native
  4. Typescript
  5. Automated testing using Jest
  6. Automated testing using Detox or Appium
  7. Google Firestore
  8. Google Firebase MBaaS suite
  9. CI and CD using tools such as Microsoft App Center
  10. Devops
  11. Webservices for payment processing, location, etc.

Required Personality Traits

We believe good and successful developers

  1. Care intensely about quality and usability
  2. Have a high degree of “figure it out”, and know when to ask for help, and when to figure things out on their own.
  3. Like working as a member of a team, and being accountable to fellow team members.
  4. Seek and engage in open communication with peers, their reports and their leadership, about all work relevant issues and the value of what they and the company are doing.
  5. Seek responsibility, accountability, and ownership over their projects.
  6. Are capable of working hard on a consistent, day-in and day-out basis.
  7. Are ambitious, and take their career seriously. Seek career advancement. They expect their employer to invest in their career success, and in turn, they invest their time, effort, and dedication into the companies they work for.

Our Culture

To learn more about us and our culture, visit findz.app/about-us.

Our Hiring Process

  1. Submit Resume, and a paragraph or two about why you are interested in GSynergy, and why you think it could be a good fit. Please do take a few minutes to state your proficiency with each of the above listed technical skills. If a certain salary is an absolute requirement, please do mention that - we want to ensure we can meet your expectations. Doing this step well will significantly improve your chances of being hired – we respect people who pay attention to the asks of those that they work with.
  2. A brief intro call with the founder or hiring manager.
  3. Coding challenge submitted using an online test or a public Github repo.
  4. Google Hangouts or in-person interview with the team.
  5. Offer

When it comes to how we come up with an offer, it is simple. The more you can do and the richer your experience to date, the more value you will add, and therefore the better our offer to you. We strive to be pay competitive with the market in which you are hired.

Company Overview

Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and culture, and we are here to help them thrive by providing them with SaaS products that help them cope with the numerous, ever evolving challenges of operating their business.

Whereas we are entering the market by solving specific problems for small retailers, we intend to grow into supporting the entire value chain of small manufacturing, wholesaling, retailing and local shopping. The word ‘small’ only applies to define the customer we serve, but everything else we are doing is meant to be at a massive scale.

Findz (findz.app) is our debut project intended to help retail buying teams and designers collect and collaborate on products and inspirations for their stores, design projects, or clients. The app is currently in the market-product fit analysis phase, and is undergoing a controlled launch. We invite you to try it out and see if it is a kind of product that you would like to work on. If you are curious about what lies beneath, or have feedback for us, reach out to us at careers@gsynergy.com.

No Contractors / Recruiters Please.

This is a full time position requiring that you work alongside the team in Bengaluru.

It is a startup job requiring dedication and focus. We want folks to join us because their work is at the intersection of their own professional interests and the company’s objectives, so that they are able to focus and dedicate their professional efforts to advancing the company's and their own objectives at the same time. This is why we are not looking for contractors, freelancers, or for employees planning to do freelance work alongside their employment with GSynergy.

Since we require high level of interaction to fuel fast paced decision making, we cannot support remote-only workers, or workers who have too many distractions during the day. However, we do allow for flexibility in work hours, and highly encourage work-life balance. We want our teammates and their families to be healthy and happy, so they can focus on advancing themselves, their team, and the company.