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Insect based protein for livestock

Insect based protein for livestock

Grubbly Farms is feeding the future through sustainable protein. We are developing a new source of protein for livestock, poultry, and fish farms by raising black soldier fly larvae off of various streams of organic waste. The larvae are then harvested and processed into a rich protein powder used in animal feed. Our protein can be grown more densely and uses far less resources than soy. In addition to protein, our process produces a natural nutrient rich fertilizer which can be used in vegetable farming and an oil which can be used as a bio-fuel. In the future we will be able to extract chitins from the insect's exoskeleton which has applications in the medical, cosmetic, water treatment, food, and biotechnology industry.
Cofounder and COO of Grubbly Farms. Handling operations, sales, and marketing.

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