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All your growth metrics in a single view

All your growth metrics in a single view

Do you have many projects and no time to track all of them?
Growth Race has you covered! It shows all your web traffic, domain and social profiles metrics in a single dashboard.

What are the main benefits of using Growth Race?

1. Saving you time.
When you’re running multiple projects and don’t have much time to check them regularly, Growth Race saves you time by putting everything in one place.

2. Alerting you on problems!
It has happened to all of us - accidental loss of tracking code or sudden decrease or increase of visitors! Growth Race detects such changes and sends you alerts as well as regular reports.

3. Tracking your competition!
Now it’s getting juicy! We know you’re concerned about the competition, so we’ll give you a peek at their progress. It’s not spying, it’s digital vigilance.

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