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Early-stage small but focused team where everyone has an opportunity to make a big difference. Working on cutting edge challenges to help SaaS companies learn from their product usage data.
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Arjun Saksena
Co-founder, VP, Products


Esmond Chu

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Experience in Statistical Modeling & Machine Learning | MS in Data Science at University of the Pacific

Sam Cohan

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Berkeley MFE, Waterloo Comp Eng, International Experience Designing & Developing World Class Software Systems, Analytics Platforms, and Predictive Models

Millind Mittal

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Worked @Xilinx.

Arjun Saksena

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Co-founder, GrowthSimple ; Product @ Adobe, Yahoo! & Evernote.

Board members and advisors

Prasan Roy

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Founder, Sclera • Core team @Aster Data Systems, Sr Researcher @IBM Research • PhD (Databases) @Iit Bombay. Strong research and product development experience.
Working @Amazon Research. Previously @Omron and @Reactrix. Ph.D. Computer Vision, Ohio State University. 10+ years experience in Research and Management.

Former team

Arun M Krishnakumar

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Edwin Ramirez

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