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SPI Sensor w/AI diagnoses unseen pathogen in real-time for field crops & food safety

SPI Sensor w/AI diagnoses unseen pathogen in real-time for field crops & food safety

GrowTech, a startup, has developed an advance, science-based Smart Photosynthesis Imaging (SPI) Sensor and seeks seed funding to manufacture and launch the first Sensor applications to diagnose unseen cellular stress/disease in real-time for growers, agronomists, research and food safety inspection of toxic pahogen. SPI images, diagnoses unseen nematode root infection in 1-3 s and GPS maps 1st field app for 300,000 soybean, tomato and other growers to manage, monitor and reduce inputs and avoid the present high annual US crop loss of $1.5+ billion and increase yield and revenue. SPI app also diagnoses unseen E. coli in leafy greens in real-time for new compliant Food Safety inspection of lettuce and prevent shipping to food supply chain and Consumers. The SPI addressable market to diagnose stress/disease is 2 million US crop growers. The expanded growth market is global. SPI Sensor advantage images multi-spectral stress and disease signatures in real-time with AI, computer vision and processing, displays unseen stress/disease intensity in false color and compares to identify w digital database. SPI diagnoses unseen nematode root infection 2 to 3 weeks before visible symptoms for soybean, tomato & other growers. SPI image-data of unseen nematode root infection is pic below. SPI field sensor detects fungal disease and water/nutrient stresses up to 1 week before visible. Enables new field test strategies to manage inputs and avoid crop loss. Visit growtechplants.com for information and example stress/disease image-data signatures. The first hand-held SPI Sensor w/ portable computer was built w/ USDA funding and tested w/ university collaborators. The seed funding will develop wireless interface to remote computer and provide additional digital information data services to Farmers and Users. Interested Users and Investors can email us: grow.tech@verizon.net.

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CEO @GrowTech Inc. (MA); launch Sensors w/ AI database; diagnose unseen stress/disease any crop.1st app lettuce and soy/tomato disease w/ annual loss of $Billions.