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Digital Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses

There is a massive information gap for local businesses on the Internet today, out of the total 51 million SMBs in India, less than 5 to 6 percent have an online presence. GrowSeven aims to bridge this gap by making it simpler for a local business to create their online presence and reach out to their customers on Search Engines & Social Media. Business Owners/Managers can use the GrowSeven BizOMan mobile app to setup their website in less than 5 minutes. It takes only 3 steps for them to get their own online presence. Getting a website for the business is not enough, it is like having your shop in an island with no population. The website needs to be discovered by online users who are searching or may need the products/services that the business offers. GrowSeven's Automated SEO(Search Engine Optimization) feature solves the problem of a website not getting discovered on Search Engines. It is as simple as posting a Facebook post to start ranking on Search Results with GrowSeven.

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