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Grow through the wisdom of your team via feedback

Software Engineer

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Join us to grow yourself, people around the world, and our planet! Grow (getgrow.io) is the most engaging feedback platform in the world - integrated into the flow of work. Grow is considered a "Brilliant Bot" by Slack, and is already in use by over 550 teams with 130k+ people across 62 countries.

As a Software Engineer, you'll revolutionize the way technology is used to build culture and facilitate learning. You'll join our team of experienced engineers to collaborate on our cutting-edge tech stack to deliver features that delight our customers due to their performance, scalability, and reliability! You'll also have opportunities to open-source and present your work along the way!

The benefits of working at Grow:

Helping you Grow!
Our feedback culture ensures that you’ll grow through the wisdom of our team. Plus, we align your growth with the growth of our business so you can work on the projects you want - from wherever and whenever works for you!

Helping People Grow!
Our products help people become their best selves by finding their zone of genius. As a member of our team, you’ll be empowered to shape our business strategy, product roadmap, and features - directly impacting the lives of our users!

Helping the Earth Grow!
We partner closely with non-profits focused on reforestation to improve air and water quality, combat climate change, and improve the livelihoods of farmers around the world. We love enabling our users to improve the planet while they improve themselves!

Our company values:

Hop on!
We focus on all the reasons why we should try something new. We view exploration as a learning experience. Sure, it’s easier not to try, but then there’s no room for growth.

Embrace the Challenge!
We proactively develop our own mental models to identify problems and define solutions. In doing so, we take concrete steps towards making things better for our team, our business, and our users.

We’re In This Together!
The best solutions emerge when we bring our entire selves into collaborative brainstorming. We move forward with the best ideas, regardless of where and who they come from.

Put a Bow on it!
We quickly ship high-quality solutions by focusing our energy on making essential components excellent. Once shipped, we proudly share our solutions with the world.

Close the Loop!
We are constantly curious and acquire new insights by collaborating, measuring, and iterating. We pause and reflect to show appreciation for everyone who has helped us get this far.

Enjoy the Ride!
Growing together is a never-ending journey. We make sure we take care of ourselves and our teammates to keep each other going.