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    Co-founder and Managing Partner of @Lightbank
    CEO Descript, formerly Detour, Groupon


    Mark Owsiak

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    Mads Faurholt-Jorgensen

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    Fredrik Axelsson

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    Jeff Hazlett

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    Exceptional at developing long-term client relationships. Analytical and a good problem solver with a focus on efficiency.

    David Gómez-Rosado

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    20+ years managing, architecting & crafting Brand Experience: UI, UX, Product Strategy, Brand, Marketing... the narrative accross all customers touch points

    Pedro Pablo Fuentes Schuster

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    Director of Engineering at @Groupon


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    Andrew J Ma

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    U. Waterloo CS. Microsoft, Amazon, Groupon. Web and mobile.

    Matthew Weiner

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    Marc Nel

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    A results-driven professional; 15 year track record of delivering innovative solutions to drive revenue growth; enterprise value in competitive markets.
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    Board members and advisors

    Kevin Efrusy

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    Partner at Accel

    Brad Keywell

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    Co-founder and Managing Partner of @Lightbank

    Former team

    Christopher Taylor

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    Sean Smyth

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    W. Scott Lohmann

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    Andrew Euston

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    Christian Kaul

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