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"By far my favorite company of the day." ~TNW, 500 Startups Demo Day

"Perhaps the simplest workflow product I have ever seen. It's brilliant, instantly understandable." ~Rafe Needleman, CNET

We add conversation to Dropbox in a way that "makes workflow as simple as Dropbox." We’re working closely with the Dropbox API team and we’re scaling up to hit a market of 100 million Dropbox users.

Warner Brothers used an early version of Groupiter to develop and green-light their $50M Lego movie. Sony and Hulu are also among our v1 users (note: we're now on v2).

Get in on the ground floor as the fourth member of our founding team as we focus on scaling, customer-focused metrics, user focused design and distribution. To learn more about our vision to craft a more creative, collaborative world, contact CEO/Founder: chris@groupiter.com 415-390-5627

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