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Modular Diagnostic

Modular Diagnostic

Our microfluidic point-of-care device, the MultiNostic, is capable of delivering results in just 20 minutes with the potential for more than 40 blood tests. This innovation streamlines the logistical process historically associated with lab work, maximizing patient-care transparency and allowing physicians to adjust medical treatments in a timely manner. The diagnostic package, our MultiNostic Test Kit, can be used with minimal training and no upfront investment.

The MultiNostic Test Kit includes our single-platform, versatile, point-of-care device and an accompanying mobile application to read its results. It provides both patients and providers with greater transparency, immediate results and maximum accessibility. The MultiNostic Test Kit is pending FDA approval for liver function testing, and is in pre-clinical trials for complete metabolic panels.
Founder @Group K Diagnostics • Worked at @Jonathan Lax Clinic, 6 years microfluidic research

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