A wealthtech platform that lets everyone build wealth through real estate lending

A wealthtech platform that lets everyone build wealth through real estate lending

GROUNDFLOOR was born out of the belief that there is a fundamentally better way to capitalize America. We believe a critical mass of individuals can keep an important part of our economy moving. Concentrating capital allocation among the few unnecessarily constricts liquidity in times of financial stress. When lending is financed through millions of individual decisions, we are free. GROUNDFLOOR is the first and only company qualified by the SEC under Regulation A that offers debt-secured residential real estate investment opportunities to accredited and non-accredited investors alike. Our unique positioning within the wealthtech industry stems from our innovative use of existing securities law to structure a private debt market -- real estate loans -- as simple investment securities that everyone can access simply and directly, regardless of their wealth or financial status. GROUNDFLOOR is strategically positioned to deliver unique value, especially in these uncertain times. We were built for this. Since our inception seven years ago, investors have enjoyed average annualized returns of over 10% each year (10.60% in 2019). This past year, registered users on our platform exceeded 75,000 and annual investment volume topped $100M (a 110% YoY increase from 2018), signaling the public’s overwhelmingly positive response to our industry-disrupting model. We have also originated 1,542 loans in 31 states, including 640 in 2019 alone.

Nick Bhargava

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Co-founder GROUNDFLOOR Inc. Co-founder Motaavi (JOBS Act pushers). Securities and regulatory law hacker with strong markets / market structure backgorund.

Brian Dally

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Co-Founder & CEO of GROUNDFLOOR. Previously started Republic Wireless. Successful 15-year disruptive tech marketing and product career. Harvard JD/MBA.
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