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Zero mile diet.

Ground Zero is on a mission to solve food security one city at a time. We believe everyone should have access to fresh, organic produce and the only way to achieve this is to give means of food production back into the hands of those who consume it.

Our core offering is a zero mile diet, based on permaculture (permanent + agriculture) principles, where we design food forests in harmony with the surrounding ecosystem.

We can revamp any open space with fruit trees, berry bushes and perennial vegetables which require no fertilization, watering, weeding, or maintenance. Our customers get a constant supply of food for free, year after year, while increasing their property's aesthetics and resale value. We even have rooftop, balcony and window sill solutions for those without land.

Once the initial setup is done, we add the tech component. IoT sensors and remote monitoring to track progress and improve yields.

Then we add the community component...

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