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CTO/ Co-Founder - Job Description

Groovetown is an early-stage Toronto, Ontario startup that is looking to rock the music sharing industry. We are a recent graduate of the Founder Institute 2018 program and are looking to make its first full-time hire for a CTO/Lead Developer. You will have the unique opportunity to join a promising startup on the rise with an exciting product, momentum, and an industry passionate CEO, with a proven Board Advisors.

Groovetown is a simple and easy to use social music sharing and discovery platform that allows users to connect with their streaming platform and see what those around them are listening to on a physical map in real time. A truly transparent music-listening community.

Who you are:

• Game changer. This is not just another job. We are going to change the way that millions of people connect via music sharing applications and interact with each other -- a creative vision maker.
• Talented developer. You have significant hands-on development experience building amazing mobile applications with rich functionality and getting things done to completion.
• Fast learner. Haven't delved into Google Maps API or handled all facets of a full-stack project before? That's okay, you have no problem rolling up your sleeves to get up to speed quickly.
• Self-starter. You won't be handed a list of tasks. You will own all facets of product development and be able to make executive decisions that control the destiny of the company alongside the CEO based on the high-level goals of the company.
• Expert multitasker. Priorities may change at a moment's notice, but you can keep up with a long list of tasks to get to the highest priority at the moment.
• Dynamic. As the company grows quickly, so too will the role. The ideal candidate can shift quickly and potentially lead the growth of the development team.
• Music connoisseur. While not a dealbreaker, hopefully it goes without saying that it would be pretty cool if you were a music nerd yourself. You will need to be passionate about what we are building.

What you will do:

• You will take over lead development of the product, including iOS and Android. You will still have the support of contract developers and CEO who has built the product up until this point, but you will drive the ship going forward.
• Work directly with the CEO to prioritize product features, set and be responsible for product milestones, and address bugs/issues along the way.
• Lead a team of contract developers and soon potentially recruiting and managing a team of in-house developers as we grow.
• Be a pivotal part of the core team responsible for the success of improving the way people find and interact with music.

What we are offering:

• A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to join an early-stage startup with a driven CEO, industry needed product, and momentum at a key time of growth.
• The ability to completely transform an entire entertainment medium.
• At first, salary will be early/founder-stage equity stake in the company and will transition into a salary once we receive significant raises, bonuses, and growth potential based on further fundraising and performance. (15%-20%)

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