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Passwordless Identity Management

Passwordless Identity Management

We're building a SaaS identity platform that dramatically improves security, productivity and user experience by getting rid of passwords.

We believe security should be empowering and simple is better. Groove.id replaces passwords with strong device authentication and context-based variable friction to enable organizations to quickly and securely connect their employees, devices and applications.

The rise in adoption of cloud and mobile technologies means that more and more of today’s work occurs outside the network perimeter. We can no longer rely on traditional network controls to provide the security we need. In most cases, the only thing standing between attackers and our most valuable data are the passwords on our user accounts.

Enter Groove.id - with nothing for users to remember and nothing for attackers to steal, customers benefit by closing off the part of the attack surface that is the leading cause of data breaches. Finally, the future of passwords is no password at all.
Co-Founder & CTO @Groove.id | CTO for Cloud Security Solutions @SecureWorks | Senior Security Researcher @CERT | @Carnegie Mellon University

Mike Bousquet

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Co-founder & CEO @Groove.id | Director, Product @SecureWorks & @enStratus | M&A integration @Dell | @Trilogy alum | @Brown University

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