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LowerMyBills of Solar

LowerMyBills of Solar

Our mission is to simplify the process for homeowners to go solar. The residential solar market is fragmented by over 600 installers, many of which don’t have the tools to effectively market solar. Solar is only 1% of the market and with over 750,000 HVAC, roof, and electrical contractors as potential installers, they will require solar specific tools to grow their businesses.

Our first product, Gridpar.js, is a solar calculator (gridpar.com/demo) to give homeowners a quick snapshot on the benefits of going solar. The calculator can be easily embedded into any website allowing solar installers to more effectively educate their customers and improve their sales pipeline.

We are building a lead marketplace and an affiliate network to more effectively spread the solar message and expand a solar installers customer base.

Aaron Hoffer

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Data Science @Alloy PhD at @MSU in Astrophysics. BS from @Caltech in Astrophysics and Finance. Previously Analytics @Nomis Solutions.
Cofounder • Consultant

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