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AR UX Designer

Posted 7 months ago

Grib is paving a brand new way of interaction with AR. Grib’s 3D modelling application enables beginner-level users to create complex 3D models within a short period of time. Featured as one of the top start-ups in the XR space from the Nordics, Grib is now looking for new members to build the...


Product Marketing Manager

Posted 6 months ago

Grib is a 3D graphics software company in Helsinki building the future of human-computer interaction in extended reality (XR). Began with the world’s first 3D modeling software for augmented reality (AR), Grib is also working on a new XR engine that enables code-less programming directly in AR....

Software Engineer

C# magician, 3D, AR, unity, mobile dev

At Grib we are changing the way 3D design is made. See here for more: https://grib3d.com/ We have a slot or two open for doers, who are able and eager to create something that can have an impact on the society around us. Let us know if you're interested, especially, if you have skill points in...