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Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Sustainable Mobility Solutions

Greenspot operates in the intersection of real estate, electric mobility, and technology.

Greenspot works with the public and private sector to develop, install and manage a growing network of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging stations, with a focus on EV charging as an experience. In select locations, Greenspot also partners with shared electric mobility providers and offers them a designated space for charging.

Public: Greenspot partners with municipalities, as part of P3s, to develop and install public EV charging stations at no cost to municipalities. Greenspot then monetizes the stations through public charging, sponsors and by creating e-mobility hubs in select locations, which include shared electric mobility solutions such as electric vehicle car-sharing and e-scooters.

Private: Greenspoot partners with private sector locations such as multi-unit dwellings, commercial properties, and universities to offer a turnkey EV charging solution with a focus on lifestyle.

Marketing Intern - Spring 2020 Semester

Graphic Design Intern (Spring 2020)

Student Ambassador

Full Cycle Sales Executive

Tal Shuster

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Worked at DVORA, Shuster Group. Went to Columbia University, Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Vartan Badalian

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Counsel, Policy & Business Development at Greenspot Smart Mobility