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Farm to Table Grocery Delivery


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Houston Angel Network

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Ed Roman

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Managing Director, Hack VC. Entrepreneur, developer, angel. Built several startups with strong exits. I pay-it-forward by helping as much as possible.

Zac Zeitlin

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New Ground Ventures

Amicus Capital

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Chris Shonk

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Seed stage consumer tech, services and packaged goods investor. Primarily in Austin, Texas. Industry and teams are my KPIs. I'm comfortable being very early

Blake Borgeson

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Co-founder @Recursion: drug discovery as data science. Co-bootstrapped @BuildASign.com: $90M+ 2016 revenue. Nature-published computational biologist.

Sam Paulos

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John Paulos

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Retired Academic and Semiconductor Executive. Now an active Angel Investor with over 20 investments, including 8 as Director.

Bill Boebel

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Founder & CEO of @Pingboard; previously founded @Capital Factory & @Webmail.us (Acq. RAX); Virginia Tech software engineer.
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