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GLW will solve for: Is the person I see in real life, single? Is there interest in me?

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GLW's special because our concept is unique & different from our competitors. All dating apps do the same thing, they all help match users to other users online. They don't solve for the person you see and find attractive in real life, in real time. GLW does owns that market!

What Problems are we solving? We’ve identified 2 Problem’s that both parties encounter when attraction recognition is identified.

1. Girls: Have you ever been approached by guys that weren’t your type? Yes, 100% response

2. Guys: Have you ever experienced fear or self-doubt prior to approaching a girl? (A total stranger) Yes, 100% response

What's Great about our culture? Our Product is diverse, GLW is for everyone. There is no age, race nor sex discrimination. The dating industry is an attractive market that is on fire. GLW will be the #1 used Dating App in the World within its first 3 years.
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