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Enabling career success in the digital economy

Enabling career success in the digital economy

As the Digital Economy reduced the shelf-life of knowledge from a few decades to a few years, it threw a giant challenge at us - can we learn hard skills rigorously and continuously? In this yawning chasm between the what-is and what-needs-to-be lies a tremendous opportunity: of creating a new ecosystem of learning where the learner and the teacher hats are worn interchangeably, and nimbleness and creativity ensure the relevance and practicality of what is learnt.

Great Learning today has nearly 1000 industry practitioners participating in our education delivery process - as teachers, mentors, content creators and project guides. Our 15000+ learners this year will benefit from their collective experience and abilities. Our goal is to grow these respective communities to about 100 times their current size: a vibrant global community comfortable with mutual teaching and learning, developing a progressive learning ethos to handle an extremely dynamic world of skills and opportunities.

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