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Do you believe someone earns the right to be born into a specific situation? How is it determined that someone is born into a household with potable water, electricity or internet and someone is born into another one with no access?

At Graviti we believe this is due to chance and therefore we own the responsibility of using the benefits chance has presented us in order to balance that scale. We are passionate about using our skills to reduce the socioeconomic gap in developing countries and specifically about ensuring that every person has access to the basic services they need to develop their full potential.

If you resonate with this mission, whether you are a rockstar developer, a marketing expert or a finance wiz, we think you are key to achieve this goal and we would love to work together with you.

At Gravity we are developing solutions to the following question:
How can we provide low income families access to sustainable tech like solar panels, solar water heaters or water purification systems in a affordable and scalable way?

Want to help us answer it? Join our team and make a difference!