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Basic services for the BoP, made easy

Basic services for the BoP, made easy

Graviti is changing the way low-income, non-bancarized families access basic services. We want to make sure that every family can have their basic services met, like electricity, hot water or potable water, through sustainable technologies like solar water heaters, photovoltaic systems or purification systems.

We've created a marketplace that enables us to sell solar water heaters or purification systems, (many other products, soon) with financing so that low income families can pay for these products in cash and through weekly installments.

Vidal Chavez

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Co-founder @Cuatro Creative Labs and @vitaluz

Miguel Calderón

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Co-Founder @vitaluz, @Cuatro Creative Labs

Yusef Jacobs Kuri

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Founder and CEO @vitaluz
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