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Cloud hosting service for the Neo4j graph database

Cloud hosting service for the Neo4j graph database

GrapheneDB is a fully managed cloud hosting service for the open source graph database Neo4j. Graph databases are the future: For highly connected data, they are thousands-of-times faster than other databases. Our customers are developers who build innovative software programs using graph databases as a platform. They hire us to host and maintain those databases. Database maintenance is a hassle for developers, so we offer a straightforward, reliable hosting service. Our particular set-up and support systems cater to developers building apps of any magnitude. We provide peace-of-mind while customers focus on building bigger and better apps. For instance, it takes just a few moments for new users to connect their applications to our hosted databases. Once created, we monitor accounts and proactively resolve database problems. Our platform is easily scalable, so developers can grow their apps without wondering if the system will fail.

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