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Grand Rounds’ vision is to create a path to great health and health care, for everyone, everywhere. Founded in 2011, the company provides an employer-based platform that delivers improved outcomes for patients and their families. It does this through an end-to-end solution that connects patients with care informed by the latest and best practices—preventing and correcting misdiagnoses and unnecessary or failed treatments. Named second among Glassdoor’s 2016 Best Places to Work, Grand Rounds helps restore individual health and quality of life, and offers employers lower health care spend and higher employee productivity. For more information, please visit grandrounds.com or follow us on Twitter @GrandRoundsInc.

We have the team: Check out our management page, advisory boards, and our investors—these people are experienced, they know how to create success, and they’re hyper-focused on making Grand Rounds the new name in healthcare.

We have the culture: Our team members genuinely enjoy working with each other—whether it’s helping our latest patient find the right physician, going out to happy hour, or collaborating on our latest product innovation. We work hard to support one another.
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