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Co-Founder and Head of Language Technology at Grammarly


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    Co-founder of http://Grammarly.com, product strategist and marketer


    Talent Acquisition & Development Professional

    Junchao Zheng

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    Passionate about solving real-world problems using data science.

    Zak Johnson

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    Anton Pets

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    Front-end Software Engineer, Fullstack

    Abhinav Vadrevu

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    Studied at @UC Berkeley.

    Stu West

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    H Freedland

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    Yurii Petelko

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    Senior iOS Developer

    Laura Pereyra

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    Global Internal Communications at Grammarly.

    Vira Povkh

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    IT Recruitment specialist @Grammarly .

    Chad Rogers

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    Michael Lese

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    Product-minded backend engineer with a functional programming, data platform, and liberal arts bent who's grown with Grammarly since graduating college.

    Yaroslav Heriatovych

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    Former team

    Sasha Grinevich

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    Samuel Cheang

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    Maryna Goushcha

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    Eugene Chechurin

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    Itamar Goldminz

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