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Solving the world's most complex problems, through knowledge engineering

Research Engineer (Databases): Graph Computing and Logical Reasoning

£40k – £60k • 0.05% – 0.5%
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The Company

Grakn Labs is a team of people driven by a purpose: to solve the world's most complex problems, through knowledge engineering. We are the inventors of the Grakn knowledge-base and the Graql query language. Our technology helps organisations in various industries, including Life Sciences, Defence & Security, Financial Services and Robotics, to build intelligent systems that we believe will change the world. From financial analytics to drug discovery, cyber threat detection to robotics disaster recovery, our technology empowers engineers around the world to tackle a higher order of complexity in knowledge, and solve the world's most complex problems.

In 2017, we were awarded Product of the Year by the University of Cambridge. After only a few years, our pioneering community has grown to 5K+ engineers, spread across 10+ countries around the globe -- and we're still counting. To continue pursuing this vision, we need to build a team of individuals who are not just the best and brightest in what they do, but also driven by a strong sense of purpose and compassion for the world.

Research Engineer (Databases)

As a Research Engineer (Databases) at Grakn Labs, you will be responsible for the research, development and dissemination of applications of Grakn as a graph computing and logical reasoning database. You will develop applications that demonstrate the power of Grakn and educate software engineers around the world to succeed in adopting and developing with Grakn. These applications will sit in various industries, such as Developer Tools, IoT, Telecoms, Defence and Security, Life Sciences, and Financial Services. You will be responsible for publishing your work to the community via GitHub, papers, blog posts, and webinars. In tandem, you will also evangelise your work by presenting it at developer meetups and conferences.

Grakn is a distributed knowledge graph: a logical database that allows you to organise large and complex networks of data as one body of knowledge. Grakn provides the knowledge engineering tools for developers to easily leverage the power of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning when building complex systems. Ultimately, Grakn serves as the knowledge-base foundation for cognitive and intelligent systems.

Your goal as a Research Engineer (Databases) is to discover and develop the most powerful applications of Grakn, educate the developer community on the new engineering techniques, and empower software engineers around the world in solving complex problems.


  • Bachelors degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • Solid programming experience in OOP languages
  • Proven experience in research-driven development
  • Familiarity with database systems
  • Familiarity with distributed systems and cloud environments
  • Familiarity with big data technologies, such as Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Cassandra, etc
  • Familiarity with open-source software development and community
  • Proven experience in technical writing and publishing
  • Proven experience in presenting deeply technical subjects
  • Proven experience in public speaking at developer events and conferences
  • Able and enjoys to travel internationally frequently

Bonus skills

  • Database Systems
  • Graph Computing
  • Logic Programming
  • Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
  • Proven experience in working with open source communities


  • Driven by a strong sense of purpose and vision
  • Talented, collaborative and ambitious team
  • Equity stock options - we share the success
  • Flexible working hours, and fully stocked kitchen
  • Open-source at heart - what we use, and what we produce
  • Travel around the world and meet the community
  • Work with developers, to serve developers
  • Visa sponsorship, and relocation support