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HHO Gas-Power Plants

HHO Gas-Power Plants

GRAINIS LTD is a Bulgarian R&D company, offering a unique technology for producing Oxy-Hydrogen (HHO) gas by a high-effective Water Electrolysis. Our Modified HHO (MHHO) is a better upgrade of the famous Ohmasa Gas, patented by Dr.Ryushin Omasa from Tokyo, Japan. MHHO gas is being produced by a vibroacoustic- and photo-activated Water electrolysis. Unlike HHO gas, MHHO can be used as a single and lightweight fuel for all kinds of Car, Diesel-Generator, Gas-Turbine and Rocket Engines, and Boiler/Oven/Stove Burners. it can be safely compressed to 200 bar and more, and liquefied, at -178 deg.C/1bar.
It's production cost is almost zero.
MHHO gas is the ideal fuel and Energy Storage - 100% clean and renewable, cheap, easy and safe for production and handle.
MHHO is low-explosive - it cannot be ignited by an electrostatic spark.
Please see our website - solargas.alle.bg
for more info, specs, patent, videos and applications about the MHHO.
We look for buyers, investors and partners.

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Grainis was founded in 2009 as an R&D for researches on Hydrogen-Based / MHHO fuel gases, produced by high-effective Water Electrolysis. R&D started in 2006.