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What will we eat next?



Rifeng Gao

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Co-founder of Grain and Cabin. Former management consultant at Bain.

Isaac Tan

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Apprenticed under Gordon Ramsay’s protégé, cooked for Arrested Development, Slum Village and Fat Joe, and previously managed four restaurants under WWWconcept.

Ernest Sim

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CTO, Co-founder at Grain Forbes 30 under 30 Commando medic


Ernest Sim

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CTO, Co-founder at Grain Forbes 30 under 30 Commando medic

Yvonne Lim

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Sales Development Representative at Grain

Syafiq Ali

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Worked at Grain

Marcus Ting

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Kelly Lucas

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Executive Assistant at Grain Ex Military Medical Expert at Singapore Armed Forces

Shi Hui Ng

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Sean Ting

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Experience in Sales and Business Development.

Surendhar Reddy

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I’m a software engineer who finds joy in producing reliable technology solutions that are modular, maintainable, and scalable.

Kenneth Teh

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Graduate of Alpha Camp (full-stack web development) Formerly an Investment Associate at Fast-Track, analyst at Macquarie Capital. UCLA '14, Business Economics.

Shawn Liam

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Worked at Grain, Astro Malaysia Holdings Bhd. Experience with Product, Branding, Coding, Design. Went to Queensland University Of Technology.

Lee Yuan Ming

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Worked at Grain

Ena Lee

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6 years experience in TMT, I am a high-energy venture builder and business developer who enjoys launching new projects and accelerating growth.

Board members and advisors

Hian Goh

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Founder of Asian Food Channel (AFC), an Asia-wide cable television food channel.

Former team

neha jha

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Jarvin Ong Jun Sheng

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Terence Yeo

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Eunice Lim Si Min

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Christopher Kon

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