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Detect cancer early, when it can be cured



Jeff Huber

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@GRAIL: Founder & Vice Chairman @Google: SVP Ads, Apps, Maps & [x] @eBay: VP Systems @Electronic Arts & @Illumina: Board @Stanford: Visiting Scholar


Ajinkya Kokate

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A Java, MATLAB and C# programmer with the experience of development and implementation of algorithms, software applications and analysis programs.

Christopher Sanders

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Health Innovator & Entrepreneur • Passionate about Mobile Health Ironman Triathlete, Brain Trust @TEDxBeaconSt • Studied at @Babson College

Alison Moe

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Clinical Trial Manager at Grail

Arlito C. Legaspi

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workplace strategy, real estate project management, program development/roll-out, design leadership, facilities management, owner/tenant representation

Hannah Voelker

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SWE @GRAIL , BME '18 @Tufts University, former intern @Illumina @Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard , Bioinformatics and CS educator, runner

Kingman Chan

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Medical Engineering in HK PolyU, Psychology in HKSYU.

Allie Ahn

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Pixel perfection. Interested in working with UX. Learned things from @Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, @Cisco, and @Palantir Technologies.

Vera Neese

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Strategy Finance @GRAIL | Investment Banking @J.P. Morgan | MBA @Yale University | Disruptive products & services | International experience

Darya Filippova

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Extensive experience w/ NGS (Illumina, PacBio); developing ML stack from feature extraction to classification. BS + MS in CS, PhD in computational biology.

Joe Scalisi

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Engineering Recruiting at Grail.

Karel Hurka, Jr.

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Over 20+ years of Supply Chain, Materials Management, and Systems expertise in: * Direct, indirect, and contract manufacturing materials procurement *...

Minyong Chung

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Working at GRAIL. Experience with Consulting, Management in Next Generation Sequencing.

Board members and advisors

Jeff Huber

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@GRAIL: Founder & Vice Chairman @Google: SVP Ads, Apps, Maps & [x] @eBay: VP Systems @Electronic Arts & @Illumina: Board @Stanford: Visiting Scholar

Former team

Andro Hsu

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Paige Zeigler

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