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Power hotels to automatically deliver a highly-curated guest experience within their brand

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Our founder is an entrepreneur-turned VC-turned entrepreneur. We've seen thousands of business plans, know how to build a business, and have developed a sustainable and scalable model that gets us there in a hurry.

We're working on a beautiful, highly functional product in a super-fun entertainment-driven space, with delighted consumers and excited Fortune 500 partners. We've recently launched a private beta, are getting great feedback, and are ramping up to take off as we transition out of stealth later this year.

These are the early days, and your contribution in code, vision and leadership will be impactful. You play to win. So do we. Game on.
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Senior Full Stack Platform Engineer

You wake up in the morning eager to solve the next complex puzzle, and are passionate about building code around an architecture that screams efficiency and performance. You know your way around Python, have played with React, and are confident that you can pick up PHP if you don't already know it.