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Solar Tech for Cooking, Cooling, Lighting, Charging, water purifier & tiny houses!

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High Efficient solar cooker cooks up to 550 degrees without fuel. Can bake, grill, steam cook just about anything with just sunshine. Breakthrough solar products that can make a real difference in the world. Solar coolers, solar phone chargers, solar lighting and more! Next stage is solar water purification and solar tiny houses. Looking for skilled, dedicated players with an entrepreneurial spirit, that can design, create, make and market the products that the planet needs.
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e-commerce viral marketing

Posted 4 weeks ago

GoSun, a fast growing Solar company is disrupting the outdoor cooking industry and the solar consumer product industry is looking for a self-driven and execution focused experienced marketer to assist with GoSun’s multi-channel brand development. Responsibilities include: implementation of multi...


Project Manager Mechanical Engineer

Posted 3 weeks ago

Looking for an experienced innovative
problem solving designer mechanical engineer and fabricator
Ideal candidate has both computer and real hands on skills with the ability to actually fabricate prototypes and bring to production.

Experience in Quality Control?



Salesperson extraordinaire ! Help us solarize cooking!


International Sales

GoSun has developed a low cost highly efficient solar cooker for the world. We are also working on solar lighting solar cooling and more!