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HotelTonight for restaurants

HotelTonight for restaurants

GoPapaya helps restaurants actively attract diners during slower times. Restaurants can offer nearby diners incentives of 10-40% off for arriving within 30-45 minutes to fill a table or pickup a takeout order. Diners can now have an app to help them make that difficult decision of where to eat.

- Can either preset or schedule real-time promotions incentivizing diners to arrive within a specified time limit (usually 30-45 minutes)
- Have full control over: the time frame, the incentive level, the maximum number of offers that can be redeemed, and the time limit diners must arrive within
- Can either incentivize diners to arrive to dine out or pickup takeout

- Find nearby restaurants currently offering 10-40% off for arriving within a specified time limit
- Can reserve a table and lock in the savings in 3 clicks
- Can reserve a takeout offer and lock in the savings in 2 clicks
- Do not need to prepay

Marik Marshak

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Technology executive, engineering leader, and entrepreneur with proven skills in software development, innovation, and management in small and large companies.

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