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Tom Hulme

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General Partner Google Ventures Europe, Founder & Board Director OpenIDEO.com & OIEngine.com, Advisor at IDEO

Daniel Burka

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Co-founder of Milk Inc. Part-time Glitch designer. Ex-creative director at Digg. CSS. Design. UX. Climbing. Cycling. Chilaquiles mmm.

Eze Vidra

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Managing Partner at Remagine Ventures. Ex @Google - GP at GV, head of Google for Entrepreneurs in Europe & Campus London. Founder of @VC Cafe and @TechBikers

Steve Chen

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@PayPal, eBay, @Facebook, @YouTube, @Google, @Delicious (Part of Science). Tacolicious, Benu, Sightglass, Quince, Cotogna.

Laura Melahn

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Partner at GV (formerly Google Ventures)

Jake Knapp

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Dave Munichiello

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GP @Google Ventures. Investor in @Slack, @Jet, @coreos, @Cockroach Labs. Passion for teams disrupting enterprise SW. Grew/led teams @Kiva Systems, @Amazon.

John Lyman

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Head of Partnerships at Google, sign deals/manage relationships with tech hubs, accelerators and incubators around the world.

Andy Wheeler

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Partner at Google Ventures. Founded Ember (acq by Silicon Labs), CTO of Tendril and Adura (acq by Acuity Brands), embedded engineer for Zipcar. MIT EECS.
Filmmaker at Google Ventures

M.G. Siegler

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General Partner @GV. Previously @Tuesday Capital (formerly CrunchFund), TechCrunch, VentureBeat, etc.

Ken Norton

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Partner at Google Ventures. Former PM @Google. These are my individual investments and my activity here in no way implies an endorsement from my employer.

David Krane

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Managing Partner: Google Ventures, Dad to three, TEDster, sneakerhead, aspiring hockey star...
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Board members and advisors

Don Dodge

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@Google, @Microsoft, Groove Networks, @Bowstreet, @Napster, @AltaVista, Forte, DEC. Angel Investor.

Former team

Braden Kowitz

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Chris Hutchins

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Wesley Chan

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Jennifer Gee

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