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A digital banking platform where every customer becomes an owner over time



Serial tech entrepreneur and angel investor. Currently Founder and Co-CEO of Thrive Market.


Mike Zhang

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Experienced CEO, investor, and executive/operator with a demonstrated history of building profitable, high-growth companies and brands.

Lauren Batcheck

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Camila Franco

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Very enthusiastic and passionate Director of Product Management with over 15 years of experience solving customer problems through innovative product solutions.

Kerby Ferris

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AWS certified, clean code writing, flexible and funny full stack developer, experimental sound artist, writer, creative technologist, and deep, deep thinker.
CTO at GoodMoney (@joingoodmoney), CISO at LyraHealth (@LyraHealth), Founder at BitPlanet (@bitplanetio) Engineering Manger, Engineer at Netflix (@Netflix),

Henrique Ourique

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Product Designer with 10+ years of experience who can do UX, UI, and some frontend. Led teams, designed for SaaS and eCommerce, and worked internationally.

Logan Pugh

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I build teams for high-growth startups. @Good Money Before: @ShackCapital. @Rework. Federal and state policy making. UVA MPP.

Griffin Bower

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Storytelling | Growth | Impact

Jared Krause

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Worked at Good Money, Currency. Experience with Internet Marketing Strategy, Brand Building, Revenue Generation. Went to New York University, St. John's College

Camila Franco

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Duke Jones

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Former team