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Absurdly fresh groceries, delivered.



Samantha Gaw

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Mark Nabong

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Ray Mirza

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Michael Kebbekus

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Taylor Schwartz

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Worked at Good Eggs

Sam Wainwright

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I invent weird ice creams and have a brutal obsession with Korean dramas. I’ve written and recorded over 500 songs and love watching cars go around in circles.

Melanie Vongdeuane

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Anne Mercogliano

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VP Revenue Growth at Good Eggs. Excited to reinvent your food system. Perviously Director of SMB Marketing @Twitter, VP Sales, Marketing & BizOps at IFTTT.

Beth Resnick

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Bob Zoller

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Founding Engineer @Good Eggs Senior Engineer @Google Senior Engineer @Aardvark Senior Engineer @Yahoo
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Board members and advisors

Chuck Templeton

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Founder of @OpenTable (NASDAQ:OPEN); Chairman at @GrubHub

Danny Rimer

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Partner at @Index Ventures

Vishal Vasishth

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Investor and Builder of #WorldPositive Companies (Co Founder Obvious Ventures, former executive at Patagonia, Revolution LLC & SONG Investments)
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Former team

Max Edmands

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Leia Rollag

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Arlo Armstrong

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Abby Braughton

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Zachary Benton

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