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Absurdly fresh groceries, delivered.

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We’re Good Eggs
We believe feeding your family well shouldn’t come with a trade off — be it your time, your standards, or your wallet. We’re pioneering a new way to fill your fridge, by sourcing the best food from producers we know and trust, and bringing it straight to you — all at a price the same or less than your grocery store.

The freshest groceries, curated for you, delivered on your schedule so you have more time for the things that matter.

When you think about it, it’s crazy to settle for anything less.

Who We Are
Good Eggs is the simplest way to feed your family, all week long. We’re an online grocery delivery service based in the Bay Area, offering absurdly fresh local produce, easy weeknight meal kits, everyday staples, and wine, beer, and spirits — everything you want and everything you need, delivered to your door.

We believe in...

- The positive impact of good food on our families, our community, and our environment.
- Sourcing local so there's less time and distance between the farm and your fridge.
- Investing in local foodmakers’ businesses as we grow ours.
- Paying our employees a living wage and working with producers who do the same.

We’ve focused on growing authentically, with our roots in the community and producers we serve, to create a healthy, sustainable business.