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There are three things that talented people seek at their workplace:
1) Working with other talented people
2) Capturing the value created by them for the company
3) Autonomy

At GoLorry, we provide all of the above because the hiring program is aimed at recruiting only the most talented individuals across the globe. We want only one type of person, the problem-solver with uncompromising execution.
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Accounting Specialist (Vijayawada)

Posted 1 month ago

Processing financial transactions online as well as offline, as required.
Documenting financial transactions
Summarizing current financial status by collecting information; preparing receivables and payable summaries
Reconciling financial discrepancies by collecting and analyzing account infor...


Functional Lead - Operations

Posted 1 month ago
  • Manage and deepen existing client relationship
  • Acquire clients and explore new demand segments
Software Engineer

Android Mobile Engineer

Posted 2 months ago

Job Description

What you will do

Build some of the most crucial infrastructure using web and Android technologies for both internal and external users
Gather feedback from users for fast iteration of products
Take ownership of features and products
Grasp new technologies at extremely fast pac...

Software Engineer

Backend Engineer

Posted 2 months ago

What You Will Do

Wear many hats: backend at GoLorry covers everything from API development to data science to server infrastructure
Take ownership of features and products
Work with frontend developers to develop internal and external tools
Integrate with 3rd party tools and platforms
Some t...