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On-Course, On-Demand Food and Beverage Services for Golfers

On-Course, On-Demand Food and Beverage Services for Golfers

Free-to-download on-course, on-demand food, beverage, and equipment golf concierge service bringing unprecedented convenience to golfers, and value to courses at the same time. Users: GOLFLER allows golfers to order from the Kitchen, Bar, or Pro-Shop while golfing, and to have those items delivered direct to them on-course, or prepared for pick up at the turn. Payments are handled through the app, and delivery attendants use App GPS to find the users based on their mobile-device location. The app also has a free (competitive) GPS Rangefinder, user-to-user messaging, and course weather updates. Course-Side: GOLFLER allows courses to monitor all players and gives them the opportunity to manage their course pace-of-play (a universally recognized problem at high-volume courses) directly from the app by messaging users, or dispatching course rangers to clear bottlenecks. It also provides courses access to analytics, allowing them the data necessary to streamline operations and offerings.

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Doug Evans

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Co-founder of Golfler, also Senior Cash Service Supervisor at Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, Detroit branch.

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Founded Performance PC and Golfler.com (both acquired), Managing Partner Flushing Valley Golf Club, Corporate Attorney & Angel Investor


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