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Virtual platform for conducting business events

Virtual platform for conducting business events

Business events have remained frustratingly archaic and have escaped the much needed digital transformation. At Goldcast, we are disrupting the $70B business events industry. We are building the next-generation platform for conducting virtual business events.

● For an event organizer: It’s painful to pull together an event, right from booking the venue months in advance to coordinating with speakers and panelists for their time/hotel bookings to arranging for food for participants. Proving ROI is hard
● For participants: Travel all the way to attend the event and pay exorbitant fees and not sure of the return to business

Hence there are clear benefits to conducting business events online. This has, however, not happened because it has so far been difficult for the online world to mimic the goodness of an actual conference: aka Q&A with speakers, networking with participants, engaging effectively with sponsors et al.

We believe that this has to change. The increasing acceptance of remote work, with the nitro boost given to this vertical recently, makes us certain that the time is ripe for the “Shopify of live business events”.

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