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Trevor Stow

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Co-Founder @goldbely • Studied at @University of Wisconsin, Madison

Vanessa Torrivilla

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Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer of @goldbely

Joe Ariel

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CEO/Founder at Goldbelly


Feliks Gurevich

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Technical Architect @Goldbelly Founder @TWIMCO CTO @DealSheet, Formerly @Howcast @Paddle8

Joel Gillman

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Co-Founder + VP of Engineering @Goldbelly • Worked at @Blip • Studied at @Minneapolis College of Art & Design

David Ariel

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Worked at Goldbelly, Experience with Advertising, Account Manager, Business Development. Went to Suny Buffalo

Josh Hicks

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Experienced Customer Service Associate with a demonstrated history of working in eCommerce and food & beverages industries.

Kenny Kimm

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Senior Art Direction / Visual Design at Goldbelly. Previously at TAXI, BarkBox, R/GA. Inspired by experimentation, collaboration, sci-fi films, and my dog.

Margaret Hurley

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Partnership Coordinator @Goldbelly Specializing in business development and project management with a background in food, marketing, and publishing.

Marissa DeAngelis

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Works at Goldbelly

Neel Murthy

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Lead Growth @Goldbelly. Food Explorer! Previously CEO @Swapbox. BS in CS from @Stanford University. Dropped out of MSCS/MBA for W13 batch of @Y Combinator.

Federico Moretti

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Dev. Mentor. Bug-free adviser.

Jake Hagelin

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Worked at Motive Pure and currently Goldbely, studied at Loyola University Maryland

Frank Luciano

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Chief Business Officer for Goldbely. Founded Hudson Sutler + Streaker Sports. Former hedge fund analyst, head of biz dev at Lax.com, + pro lacrosse player

Board members and advisors

Cofounder & Managing Partner @Initialized Capital (early stage VC, $36B in market value) // Bestselling author // Cofounder @Reddit // Owner, Cloud9 // Qai Qai

Christine Herron

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Early-stage-leaning investor at @IntelCapital. Venture Advisor @500 Startups, Board Advisor to @StartX. Tribal kitchen goddess and @calista's mom.

Former team

Cassandra Baez

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Sarah Steigerwald

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Ajay Sharma

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Joshua Abrams

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Jocelyn Verick

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Alexandra Sullivan

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