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Afshin Arab

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Duke Grad. MBA. CSP. Product Management expert,10+ yrs experience. Launched 12 products used by brands like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, and P&G.

Baran Birol

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UCLA Grad, with innate curiosity for technology and the people that are spear-heading the era of pushing the envelope.

Michael Narciso

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Tracy Chaparo

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Teach for America alum. UCSB alum. More than a pinterest-planner, I'm a logistics guru who loves project management and staff development.

Sohil Gogri

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Data Engineer at GoGuardian, MS in Data Informatics at USC

Zach Spitulski

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Product & Design (Inc 30 Under 30). Building @GoGuardian, @Enplug and UCLA VC Fund

Tyler Shaddix

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Chief Product Officer @GoGuardian

Cody Thomson

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Client-facing professional that appreciate resourcefulness and great coffee. Valuable experience forming lasting relationships. Penn grad and varsity athlete

Jeff Stark

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Leaders Eat Last by Simon Senek is my sales philosophy.
Recruiter at GoGuardian

Baran Birol

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I worked at two awesome startups (@Twitch, @Instacart) in San Francisco and moved down to LA to build out the engineering org at @GoGuardian

Grayson Edwards

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Veronika Wuest

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Board members and advisors

Sam Elhag

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Todd Mackey

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Education SaaS leader. Co-founder / scaler of multiple companies. Co-founder, owner and/or angel investor in 2 synergistic acquisitions, 1 private equity exit.
CEO of Engrade. Engrade is Unifying Education.

Former team

Matthew Jones

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Rebecca Sadwick Shaddix

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Melinda Bernardo

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Cara Cubicciotti

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Cody Rice

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Tyler Hildreth

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