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GoGo Places Country Representative

$7k – $11k
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The country representative / lead business development is a semi independent position, which allows for flexibility and is mainly a results based system of employment, however a high level of professionalism is expected when representing GoGoPlaces. A country representative is responsible for handling all the new listings of home owners on our platform and be in touch with the local culture, knowledge of the language and the local methods of doing business. The country representative is also responsible for developing the market base and focus on overall growth.

Key responsibilities:
Identify towns/markets and their suitability for people travelling longer term and off season.
Seek out various methods for finding the contact info of the homeowners
Engage with the homeowners and work with them to develop a relationship with GoGoPlaces and sign them up on our platform.
Seek out secondary providers (ie coworking spaces, tour organizers etc.) to bring them on board for a more fulfilling experience
Report to GoGoPlaces on a regular basis with updates and with methods and approaches for acquiring new markets and new leads.
Work together with other GoGoPlaces team members in order to effectively list and maintain listings on the platform.

It is a dual reward system, one being a flat monthly salary, with the added incentive system. Also, the country representative collects a portion of each booking (in perpetuity) for each listing he/she brings in and maintains.

Highly energetic individual, who is not afraid to knock on doors (both literally and figuratively) in order to get leads. Sales experience is preferred, communication skills and customer servicing is a must. Portuguese language is a must.

Emails us your resume to hello@gogoplaces.co and include subject line: GoGo Places Country Representative - Portugal

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