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Co-Founder - Digital Marketer and Product Development

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Co-Founder Role (preferrebly in Europe / around Lisbon, Portugal)
NOTE - this is NOT a job. If you're looking for a job this is NOT for you.

This role is only for extraordinary person (which means you need to roll up the sleeves and make things happen no matter what). If you're one of them we like to hear from you.

This is very unique home listing/booking platform for digital nomads called GoGoPlaces www.gogoplaces.co, like Airbnb but for long stays in the offseason.

We are looking for a co-founder, someone who's got the grit and stamina to lead the pack and take this platform to the next level. Someone with a marketing and product development background would be a great fit. Let me know If you're interested.

• Take charge within a short period of time and lead with confidence
• Identify new markets and their suitability for people travelling longer term and during the off season.
• Work together with country reps and aim for listings in towns and regions which get a lot of tourists during the high season, so there will already be established industries (stores, restaurants, entertainment…). Also accessibility is paramount, there should be at least a bus or a train that goes there on regular basis.
• Build trust and foster relationships with new listings (owners) in each market as well as tenants from targeted markets such as US, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia/NZ
• Drive conversions with tenants and grow home listings/markets 10/1 (for every 10 homes added on our platform we expect 1 booking)
• Develop an email drip campaign for new subscribers through newsletter and facebook logins
• Create media opportunities for GoGoPlaces and its founders
• Outreach for new partnerships and build pipeline of new subscribers
• Send Newsletters twice a week to tenants and every two weeks to home owners
• Work on affiliating marketing for both sides of the marketplace
• Build partnerships similar to e-Residency Estonia program > https://www.gogoplaces.co/e-residency
• Write weekly blog posts and get guest bloggers involved on monthly
• Seek out secondary providers (e.g. coworking spaces, tour organizers etc.) to bring them on board for a more fulfilling experience
• Work closely with the founders and the rest of the team to deliver monthly goals
• be ustomer service oriented

  • be BOLD

• BA/BS degree or equivalent practical experience.
• Demonstrated passion for technology, keeping up with both mainstream and emerging technology
• Excellent at establishing trust across all social channels and communication
• Understanding the socio-economic impact of the platform and dynamics we are making with this marketplace
• Deep knowledge on all social marketing
• Well established social media presence such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin
• Well versed with Digital Nomadic lifestyle and their needs. Join these communities groups around the world to better serve

SEO - Acquire visitors via organic search by targeting the right keywords, building links, and optimizing our site
PPC - Write, price, and choose keywords to drive targeted traffic at the right acquisition cost
Social Media - Identify, build, and engage an audience on social platforms
Email Marketing - How to segment and engage our audience while navigating changing email rules
App Store Marketing - How to optimize your app store listing to acquire users via app store search
PR - Make a splash with a new announcement, either through with a traditional press release or in coordination with media outlets
Business Development - How to create and maintain partnerships to strategically grow our business

Berlin • Portugal • LisbonRemote
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5+ years
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Epi Ludvik

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Living adventure

GoGoPlaces focuses on Real Estate, Vacation Rentals, Travel, and Online Rental. Their company has offices in Lisbon. They have a small team that's between 1-10 employees.

You can view their website at http://gogoplaces.co or find them on Twitter and Facebook.