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Living adventure

Living adventure

We are enabling people to experience living in places they might not have known existed, for a fraction of what they’re paying at their current “homes”. In addition, we are enabling homeowners to earn additional income with their homes. There are literally millions of unused vacation homes all over the world. Once the summer ends, or the last patch of snow has melted the places get locked up, only to sit there empty until next year. What a waste! The crowds are gone, the prices drop, and it's the time when the locals get to rest and enjoy life and everything that their surroundings have to offer. GoGo Places is a community driven platform to connect people and places, and offer opportunities to experience local life at a much lower cost.

Co-Founder - Digital Marketer and Product Development

Epi Ludvik

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Founder + CEO of Crowdsourcing Week / BOLD Awards

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Architect, Real estate developer, Entrepreneur